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Sanj C and Taz kickstart the wedding
season with a dancefloor smasher!

A perfect blend of Bollywood and bhangra, with the magic of Sanj C and Taz of Stereo Nation has resulted in what will be one of the desi dance floor tracks this year.

Intended to kick-start the wedding season with a jiggle and a wiggle with loads of style, ‘Honeymoon’ is the second single from South London producer Sanj C who’s been working with fusion maestro Taz to liven up the party!

Sanj C had the beat ready and all it needed was the lyrics from Taz to come together and produce the magic of Honeymoon.

The fun and entertaining track tells the story of a boy and girl whose registry marriage has taken place, but because of tradition the girl’s side say no contact should take place between the couple until the Indian wedding! Obviously this only results in the groom wanting to see his bride even more, especially to sort out their honeymoon!

The video concept matches the song entirely with a lot of humour and fabulous honeymoon destinations! It’s colourful, fun and entertaining and teamed with a contagious beat, this track is going to be on repeat – so get ready to hit the dance floors.

‘Honeymoon’ releases on Thursday 26th February 2015.