From ice cream vans to international supermarkets

40 years have passed since Tubzee first arrived on British shores, as a single sole trader began offering the product out of a modest site in Halifax.

Since then,the now internationally-recognised brand has gone on to enter markets in almost every continent around the world, from Africa to Asia, in major supermarkets and wholesalers.

tubzee business awards_2Yet, despite such rapid growth, the secret recipes, which helped launch Tubzee into the homes and hearts of several generations of customers, still remains the same today with its sweet creamy goodness bringing smiles to the faces of millions.

Closer to home Tubzee still provides a range of companies with their famed gelato, ice cream and kulfi products.

Bringing a new flavour to a previously untapped market, the company is the number one supplier of such produce to companies from London to Glasgow and everywhere in between.

Whether you own a corner shop, dessert parlour, supermarket, or restaurant – in this country or not – there are dozens of flavours, and even more reasons, to choose Tubzee as your favourite supplier.

In many cases, the Halifax-based producers can even provide exclusive ranges of produce to businesses, all of which are available to be viewed on the company’s website.

The brainchild of the late Mohammad Zaman, Tubzee continues to grow today under the guidance of the man credited for bringing kulfi to the UK, Asif Hussain.

Mr Hussain is one of Mr Zaman’s sons and first discovered the South Asian treat upon a visit to Pakistan back in the 1970’s. After months of perfecting the flavours, Tubzee’s Kulfi ice cream was launched in Halifax and the rest is now history.

Head of Sales, Talib Hussain, with the support of the Head of Marketing, Bash Zaman, has pioneered a dedicated sales force to help oversee the company’s growth from Yorkshire to the other side of the world, with more businesses signing up every day for a share of the renowned produce.

The ice cream was even awarded the prestigious Golden Star award from the ITQI in Belgium earlier this year – becoming the only British contender to achieve such a feat – after being blind tasted by 120 Michelin standard chefs. The company was also a finalist in the prestigious Lloyds bank ‘English Asian Business Awards 2014’.

So, why not start your 2015 in the sweetest way possible? Contact Tubzee today and give your business, a delicious new product customers will love.

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