Pupils from Shakespeare Primary School are joined by Kerby the road safety hedgehog and Cllr Asghar Khan for Road Safety Week
Pupils from Shakespeare Primary School are joined by Kerby the road safety hedgehog and Cllr Asghar Khan for Road Safety Week.

Youngsters learn important of road safety

Pupils across Leeds have been doing special lessons about how to stay safe on and near roads last week, as part of national Road Safety Week.

Leeds City Council’s Influencing Travel Behaviour (ITB) team has been visiting schools throughout the campaign week to teach kids of all ages about the importance of road safety and looking out for each other on the roads.

The team have visited St Peter’s, Shakespeare, Corpus Christi and Ebor Gardens primary schools to deliver age-appropriate lessons on road safety.

Every pupil in every class at these schools has received either classroom-based lessons, playground-based cycle training or on-road pedestrian skills training.

The classes for younger children take the form of an interactive session with a picture board with stories and characters, whereas older children are provided with pedestrian training relevant to their age.

These schools have also been provided with resource packs as well ‘hi-vis’ give-aways for pupils and parental booklets for each child to take home.

Pupils from Shakespeare Primary School were also treated to a special guest when Kerby, the council’s Road Safety Hedgehog, visited to take part in a special Road Safety assembly.

Councillor Asghar Khan, support executive member for transport and the economy joined Kerby at Shakespeare primary school to see the road safety classes in action.

He said: “It is very important that children are able to learn about their own responsibilities when they are out and about near the road, and the younger we can start teaching them about road safety the better.

“These classes are an enjoyable and informative way of getting a really important message across to children in our city.

“We are committed to continue working to reduce road casualties in Leeds. The work of the Influencing Travel Behaviour Team in schools, communities and organisations is key to helping us achieve this commitment.”

The work in schools is part of the council’s road safety education and training programme, aimed at tackling issues In Leeds, where there has been a 32 per cent reduction in children killed or seriously injured from 2012 to 2013.