George Galloway
George Galloway’s street attack in London

A spokesperson for George Galloway says he is ‘disappointed’ at the lack of support shown to the Bradford MP following an attack last week, adding that if it were a Muslim who perpetrated the assault, it would have got ‘far, far more coverage’.

Mr Galloway, who is Bradford East MP, was taken to hospital last weekend after suffering severe bruising to his head and ribs following an attack in London. The controversial politician had been posing for pictures on Golborne Road, Notting Hill, when he was targeted by a man who proceeded to assault the Respect party member. News of the attack was immediately circulated following a picture of an injured Mr Galloway being uploaded to social media. However, Ron McKay, spokesperson for the local MP, says he was disappointed with the ‘lack of support’ shown to Mr Galloway following the incident, adding it would have been a much different reaction should the circumstances have been different.

Speaking to the Asian Express he said: “I think if it had been the other way around, with a pro-Israel supporter being attacked by a Muslim, then there would have been far, far more publicity. “There would have been more reaction from senior parliamentary figures and even the Prime Minister.” It was reported that Mr Galloway had suffered serious injuries and Mr McKay confirmed that he was now recuperating yet still working. “He is recovering at the moment and suffered severe bruising to the head, body, ribs etc. and he is still very tender,” he added. “He was in the House today and is set to travel to Scotland soon.”

Following the attack, a 39-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault occasioning actual bodily harm at the scene and remained in custody. The attack is believed to have been related to Mr Galloway’s recent comments in regard to Israel as the assailant ‘shouted’ about the holocaust as he approached the scene. Last month, the politicians declared Bradford an ‘Israelifree zone’ as the conflict between Israel and Gaza continued to press ahead – comments which saw the MP investigated by police. A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “The victim of the assault was taken to a central London hospital for treatment to his injuries. He was discharged from hospital this morning, Saturday 30th August.”

“He is recovering at the moment and suffered severe bruising to the head, body, ribs etc. and he is still very tender.”