ZAYN MALIK: In a smoke of bother as he’s caught on camera smoking weed?

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Bradford sweetheart Zayn Malik along with bandmate Louis Tomlinson are in a smoke of trouble, quite literally!

As the footage of Zayn and Louis happily puffing away on what looks like a marijuana cigarette has gone viral, One Direction’s spokesperson Mike Navarra, of Columbia Records has refused to answer any questions stating: “Our only comment at the moment is the whole situation is in the hands of our lawyers.”

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TROUBLE: Zayn Malik and a voice believed to be bandmate Louis Tomlinson caught smoking what seems to be marijuana

The pair were en route to their ‘Where We Are Tour’ concert at Estadio Nacional in Lima, just outside Peru on April 27th along with three other people. They are seen talking about ‘something’ and when apparently Louis catches on to what they’re going on about, he says: “It’s about the joint. What a great thing to capture in a different language. They were just asking if it’s OK,” he says.

One of the other men asks: “Are we allowed to talk contraband in this?” a voice believed to be Louis replies: “Yes, that's what it is about.”

VOCAL: Louis Tomlinson can be heard bragging in the footage about smoking the illegal substance

VOCAL: Louis Tomlinson can be heard bragging in the footage about smoking the illegal substance

Louis is then heard saying he wants to “light up” as the car drives out of a parking lot, with a rolled cigarette appearing to be lit on camera.

“So here we are, leaving Peru. Joint lit. Happy days!” he can be heard saying.

At times members of the band’s team can be heard talking about ‘chicken.’ It isn’t clear what is meant by ‘chicken’ as the guys joke and laugh in increasingly high spirits.

To make matters worse, the five-minute film seems to be shot by Louis himself, how it’s been leaked still remains a mystery.

The teenage heartthrobs are thought to be in serious trouble with their record label and who knows what Simon Cowell’s reaction will be.

Fans have been split on how they feel about this leaked clip. Many have ripped up pre paid tickets to ‘One Direction’s’ concerts. Some have taken to social media stating that Zayn and Louis have been hugely irresponsible to their young fanbase where others have said that people should leave them alone.

Possession of a small amount of cannabis is not illegal in Peru.


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