‘Porsche Ferrari’

There’s no mystery about what this track is about… yes… it’s about a lad and his cars and his delight in having girls chase him for the horsepower under his bonnet (so to speak). I’m sure most of the lads across Yorkshire will relate to this chap.

Anyhow, despite the title sounding a bit cheesy, ‘Porsche Ferrari’ has actually got a half decent beat to be honest – it’s rather infectious.
Ali Porsche Ferrari FB Release universal
The track is from debutant Ali Shan and the track comes from Universal Music and Culture Mix World.

Ali Shan’s ‘Porsche Ferrari’ is a fusion of pure Punjabi vocals mixed with an urban sound making it the perfect track for us desis who like to pose with our rides (girl’s included).

Ali Shan’s debut song “Porsche Ferrari” has been produced by Vee & Marcus James – and it’s also the first time where two separate producers have collaborated to produce a debut song for an artist.

This song will definitely create a big buzz and it just sounds like a Summer Anthem for 2014.


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