No love left for Ranbir

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Deepika Padukone inked “RK” on the nape of her neck when her romance with Ranbir Kapoor was at the peak, but now with no love left, it’s been said that the long-legged dusky beauty has got rid of her famous tattoo.

Though it’s not yet clear if Deepika had truly erased the RK tattoo or she has had it photo-shopped or covered up by some concealing aid, her recent advertisement shows no sign of the tattoo.



Deepika had been head over heels in love with the actor but it was Ranbir who cheated on her.

The actress was heartbroken with the break-up and it took time to get out of the trauma. Post break-up with Ranbir, she moved on in life and was also linked with Siddharth Mallya but she concentrated on her career more than any other thing and delivered one hit after another.

She is now said to be dating Ranveer Singh but the actress has not yet made her relationship public and Ranveer claims that they are “just friends”.

However, it was only recently that Ranveer, known famously for partying hard, was spotted kissing Anushka Manchanda at a night club in Mumbai. He’s denied being in a relationship with Deepika.

Ranveer claims if two people hang out together, it doesn’t mean they are couple:

"I think people are jumping the gun. I think it is very presumptuous of people to assume that two people are romantically involved if they are seen going out together. I don't think that is correct judgement," he said.

The actor confessed that he came closer to Deepika during ‘Ram Leela’ shoot.

Ranveer said, “Deepika is somebody I am really close to. She's a professional. I have tremendous amount of respect and admiration for her. Her graph has evolved by such leaps and bounds. It is a free country; I can't stop people from jumping to conclusions. We grew close on a personal level during the filming of Ram Leela and I look forward to working with her in ‘Bajirao Mastani’.”