New look neighbourhood police

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Communities across West Yorkshire may be spotting some new faces policing their neighbourhoods this week, as a group of special officers have flown in from thousands of miles away.

Thirteen police officers from the United Arab Emirates arrived in the county earlier this week as part of continued collaboration with West Yorkshire Police and the development of proposals for volunteering.

The officers from Abu Dhabi, will accompany the Neighbourhood Policing Teams and specialist departments around the county after being given an overview of the work of West Yorkshire Police.

Mark Gilmore, Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, said the county’s target had always been to deliver a ‘world class’ policing service and looked forward to working with similar minded officers from around the world.

He said: “The United Arab Emirates also have an ambition to be a world leader and Abu Dhabi Police are keen to learn about the British model of Policing.

“This visit presents a real opportunity for both services to learn from each other and help us both to realise our combined ambition of delivering a ‘World Class’ policing service to the communities we serve.

“This is an exciting opportunity for the officers to observe how important the relationship is between our Neighbourhood Policing Teams, local communities and partners, as we all work together to resolve local problems.

“This collaboration exercise will allow us to support and learn from each other and benchmark our services as well as giving us the potential to identify best practice, share information and look at ways of further collaboration and cooperation.”

Major Dr Mohamed Alberiki, the UAE police attaché at the Embassy in London, also praised the growing relationship between the two countries police forces.

Dr Aleriki said such a partnership enables both sides to tackle problems more efficiently as they have a greater access of knowledge available for different circumstances.

Sir Ronnie Flanagan, Policing and Security Adviser to Abu Dhabi Police, backed up the point by adding: “We are now actively exploring future collaboration opportunities and the Abu Dhabi Police Service is very excited about the possibility of its officers becoming actively involved in the West Yorkshire Police volunteers scheme.

“I believe both police services can mutually benefit the communities they serve, as a result of this collaboration.”

Last year Sir Ronnie Flanagan visited West Yorkshire Police and met with the Chief Constable to explore how the two services could work collaboratively together to learn from each other and ensure they deliver the best possible policing service to their respective communities.

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