RELIABLE: Mercedes C-Class wins top family car

Mercedes-Benz has risen up the rankings in an ownership satisfaction survey, seeing it scoop a top family car position with the C-Class.

Mercedes-Benz featured prominently in a survey taking in the views of over 15,000 owners of cars registered between January 2011 and December 2012 and covering 27 different car brands. Focusing on a diverse range of attributes, from reliability and quality to comfort, performance and economy, the survey is the most detailed and comprehensive of its kind.
mercedes c class red
Particular praise focused on its efficient and powerful range of engines, the comfort features and its styling.

Gary Savage, CEO of Mercedes-Benz UK Limited, said: ‘Winning the family car class is an achievement we’re proud of – not least because it’s possibly the most demanding segment of them all.

“Our customers rightly depend on their Mercedes-Benz and our dealers work hard to exceed expectations and make the ownership experience as enjoyable and reliable as the cars themselves. Likewise, our engineers and designers go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our cars meet the exacting standards of safety, comfort, versatility and quality expected of any Mercedes-Benz relied on to carry families day in, day out.’

Launched in 2007, the 204 series C-Class accounted for over 165,000 registrations in the UK and 2.4 million registrations globally, making it the most popular single model in the Mercedes-Benz range during this time.


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