Timeless classic

Bikram Singh and ‘Kawan 2’

Back in 2005, after months of underground oblivion, Tigerstyle resurfaced and introduced a fresh new talent to the UK Bhangra community in the form of Bikram Singh.

Bikram, a New York Punjabi singer and songwriter, had a hit track titled ‘Kawan’, which featured vocal talents of Gunjan (she’s also famously known for her collaborations with Bally Sagoo).

Bikram having penned the romantic couplets to the original song himself and  laid the vocals while recording the album with Tigerstyle in Scotland.

bikram singh - kawan 2 Cover
Now, Tigerstyle say that they feel that the timeless classic just had to be revamped.

Pops of Tigerstyle commented: “Collectively we all felt this song never really got the justice it deserved, as budgets were limited at the time we put the album together and Bikram being a new artist.

“The label didn’t have enough confidence in the project to shoot a separate video for the song, so it just appeared as part of a medley video.

“For years Bikram and Gunjan have been performing the song around the world, and the amount of love the song has received is a real inspiration for us all as artists to continue making good music.

“This time with the revamped song – ‘Kawan 2’, Bikram has really put his heart and soul into making sure the song is well highlighted with a good music video.”


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