Tauheedul Islam Girls school receives third ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted inspection

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A high school has received its third Outstanding Ofsted inspection in a row.

Tauheedul Islam Girls School, in Blackburn, received a glowing report from Ofsted inspectors who said the school was in the country’s top one per cent for improving students’ outcomes.

Inspectors said the school was led by a ‘strong sense of moral purpose’ and praised its focus on helping the less fortunate.

tauheedul girls school ofstead
Lead inspector Joan McKenna said the academic achievement in school was also of an incredibly high standard.

She said: “Students achieve exceptionally well in this school. The rates of progress made by all groups of students are truly impressive across all subjects.

“Because of the outstanding progress, students reach high standards. GCSE results are consistently significantly above the national average in all subjects.”

The school has been in the top one per cent of schools in the country for the extent to which it improved students’ outcomes for the last three years. Ms McKenna added: “Students are highly motivated and enthusiastic about their learning.”

She said the school’s spiritual focus was a successful element.

She said: “Students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is of an exceedingly high order because it is regarded as extremely important by leaders and its promotion is integral to the life of the school.

“It is the framework within which all else takes place and there are very many examples of students’ outstanding outcomes in these areas. They act to help those less fortunate than they are and have well-developed views on a wide range of ethical and moral issues.”

Principal Hamid Patel welcomed the report. He said: “Having an Ofsted inspection is a stressful experience but it was most positive. The inspectors were very impressed and we are proud of our school and what we have achieved.”

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