Syria announces presidential election

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As reports continue from across the globe of bloodshed and chaos in Syria, the government has announced it will hold presidential elections on June 3rd.

Syria’s constitutional court  will begin to accept presidential nominations from Tuesday April 29th said Parliament Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham.

Around 100,000 people, including civilians have been killed over the violence during the three-year Syrian civil war, which has pit government forces against rebels trying to end the Assad family's four-decade rule.

WAR: The Syrian conflict between government forces and civilians has gone on for three years

WAR: The Syrian conflict between government forces and civilians has gone on for three years

Many are speculative and say they are unclear whether the elections will yield any major change in Syria. The new elections may not necessarily mean regime change. After President Bashar al-Assad succeeded his father in 2000, he won a second term unopposed in 2007.

The political uprising against al-Assad's regime began in Daraa province in 2011.

As the government announced the election date, opposition activists reported more barrel bombs raining down on neighbourhoods across Syria.

In addition to the estimated death tolls, tens of thousands of protesters, students, liberal activists and human rights advocates have been imprisoned and there are reports of widespread torture and terror in state prisons.

International organisations have accused both government and opposition forces of severe human rights violations.

More than four million Syrians have been displaced, more than three million Syrians fled the country and became refugees, and millions more were left in poor living conditions with shortage of food and drinking water.

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