New tests for takeaway ‘lamb’


Do you really know what is in your food? Well new tests which are soon to be introduced by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) will certainly give you a clearer picture of what you are eating.

The FSA announced earlier this week that it will begin a new round of tests on lamb takeaway meals from restaurants across the UK after the consumer watchdog found evidence of cheaper substitutes such as beef and chicken.
Food Standards Agency
The FSA said local authorities were being asked to test 300 samples from restaurants providing takeaway meals and report their findings to the agency with the sampling set to start at the beginning of May.

The agency said mislabelling of food could result in fines of up to £5,000 and that businesses that are found to deliberately mislabel food could face prosecution.

An FSA review of local authority sampling data from July to December 2013 found that 43 out of 145 samples of lamb takeaway meals contained meat other than lamb.

Other meat species identified included chicken and turkey yet no samples were found to contain horse meat, it said.

Last year a scandal broke around Europe when traces of horse were found in frozen burgers sold in Irish and British supermarkets.


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