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For more than 20 years, Cater Equip has been providing restaurants, hotels, schools and kitchens everywhere with the instruments needed to make a business run smoothly, and now you too can take advantage of the companies amazing product range.

Priding themselves on putting the customer first, the catering equipment suppliers have built up a solid reputation in the heart of Leeds, with businesses from across the north of England taking advantage of their excellent service.

Manchester CHARCOAL
Owner, Mr Rod Beigy, has spent more than two decades in the industry and is on hand to overlook every project to ensure equipment is fitted and used correctly.

His passion to see others succeed has seen him work with huge restaurant chains and sole traders, always on hand to offer advice and suggestions.

“We place a massive emphasis on personal service and we feel that a happy customer is a customer for life,” he explained.

Companies such as Mr Sandwich and Rajas are just some of the local names which have utilised the service whilst most recently restaurants from across the Pennines have started visiting Leeds for their own personal service.

Charcoal grill, a takeaway in Leeds and Manchester began working with Cater Equip last year when fitting a Manchester kitchen and for manager, Zaheer Afzal, it was a partnership which clicked immediately.

“I bought all my equipment from Cater Equip due to the excellent reputation of the company,” he said.

“The service provided is excellent and is one of the best in the country. Rod Beigy guided me through it all and planned everything with me. He had an answer to every question I had.

“Moreover, the company went with my budget, and, unlike many other business, they didn’t give me any more than what I actually needed,” added Mr Afzal.

Cater Equip offers a unique individual touch that sees its customers coming back time and time again, in the safe knowledge that only the best equipment is available at the most competitive prices.

“I would recommend everyone to try out Cater Equip because they have competitive prices and a one-to-one service you can’t find anywhere else,” Mr Afzal added.

With its reliable products, the West Yorkshire-based business offers a personal service at excellent value making it the obvious choice when purchasing professional catering goods.

Cater Equip,
Unit 12 Sheepscar House,
15 Sheepscar St South, Leeds, LS7 1AD

Phone: 0113 318 8493

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