Anwar back on the rise!

The Platinum Kid’s got his shine back after much-awaited win

After a bumpy six months which resulted in to back-to-back defeats, Adil Anwar stepped back in the ring again which resulted in his first win of 2014.

The Leeds-stylist said he would win and make his way back in the mix for an opportunity to fight for The British Title and has done just that.

anwar cropped
In his hometown of Leeds and in front of a crowd on March 28th he dominated the fight to win convincingly and never once looked in trouble but looking more like his former-self.

It seemed like the sparkle that we hadn’t seen in Anwar’s last two fights is back, despite this recent bout being a four-rounder.

Anwar now knows that he’ll have to put in a lot more work to get fit for the next fight – a ten-rounder which he has on May 9th against Chad Gaynor, who is also as ready and hungry as Anwar.

Speaking to the Asian Express, Anwar says: “After to previous back-to-back it feels so good getting back to winning, but this was a 4×3 against a stronger Hungarian fighter with a high knockout rate. So I was sticking to what I do best and out-boxed him.

“It feels very rewarding after a rough six months. I have a lot to prove and believe I have loads more to give. Now with a more focused and hungry mind I will strive to achieve my goals.”
We asked him if he really does feel like his old self to which he answered: “I feel in great shape and rubbed off some of that ring rust but there’s still plenty of work to be done till I’m back to the fighter I was.

“But my team were happy with my performance and I’m still learning with each fight, I will only get faster stronger and fitter from here as I’m working harder than ever before.”

Anwar stated that he’s been working a lot harder to get into form and to get to grasps with his boxing career.
adil awar fight night 28th marchThere was a time when after Anwar’s unfortunate and near-fatal car accident, the medics had said that he wouldn’t get to continue his boxing career ever again.

But not born a quitter, Anwar’s determination, hunger and ambition to get back into the ring surpassed all expectations and erased any doubts anyone had of Anwar’s capability and ambition.

Anwar commented: “I train hard, stick to my diet and actually listened to my trainer instead of being so impulsive. No Pain No Gain.”

Anwar says that he was back training the very next day for his next fight with opponent Chad Gaynor – a former welterweight prizefighter finalist.

“It’s a mouth-watering match up, I have to give him credit for taking up the challenge as it is difficult getting fighters to fight me. This fight will hopefully be for some form of a title over 10×3 and, more importantly, push the winner on to British Title contention on May 9th.

“Chad Gaynor is a great fighter will be hungry to prove himself, and I must say he has a great fighters mentality – he’s ready to fight anyone, as this will be a 50/50 fight bring a lot of potential to the ring.”
It looks like the Leeds ‘Platinum Kid’ is out to shine once again.

The Platinum Kid’s got his shine back after much-awaited win
The Platinum Kid’s got his shine back after much-awaited win

Chris Allen, Managing Partner of Blacks Solicitors LLP,
who are official sponsors for Anwar said:

“The Sports Law team at Blacks have supported and advised Adil for the last two years and we are delighted with the progress he has made as a boxer and as a person.

“I have every confidence that Adil will be British Champion within the next 18 months. We are proud to have him as a client and a friend. The whole of West Yorkshire should be proud of him.”


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