Scones & Samosas

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A cooking group in Bradford has been serving up some delightful dishes recently as it aims to unite the community through the love of food.

The ‘Scones and Samosas’ group, at St Paul’s Church, Manningham, was set up four weeks ago by Michelle Moyle, after a group of women, from one of the church’s English classes, asked about learning how to cook English dishes.

With just a few ingredients, and a warm kitchen at the church, the Scones and Samosas group was served.

BAKERS: The Scones and Samosas group show off their soda breads at last week’s cooking class

BAKERS: The Scones and Samosas group show off their soda breads at last week’s cooking class

Michelle Moyle, organiser at Saint Paul’s Church, said she was keen to set up the group after seeing the enthusiasm of some of the Pakistani English students.

“As a community worker it is my job to get people involved and get different people together,” she said.

“I thought it was a really good opportunity to get Muslim ladies and Christian ladies together in a way that everyone would enjoy and over the four weeks we have been running, there has been a really good response.

“We started this cooking group out of the ladies wanting to learn really and that is why it has been welcomed so well.”

Last week, the speciality dish was Irish soda bread, with the recipe kindly brought in by Anne Drury. Coming from Ireland, the former cook said it was great to be able to share her recipes with the group’s attendees.

Nusrat Naheed and Saima Mirza are two ladies who had never baked the soda bread before and explained why they were enjoying the group so much.

“I am really enjoying it here, especially with the work that Michelle is doing,” Nusrat said.

“Every week we do something different. I have never made soda bread before but last week we did chicken samosas and vegetable samosas which was very good.”

Saima added: “I love to come to this class. They give us ingredients and recipes which we can take home and use for our families as well.”

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