Roop’s BIG Deal

Leeds man wins £250,000 on TV show

A West Yorkshire resident was given 250,000 reasons to celebrate last week as he became only the second male in the history of Deal or No Deal to clinch the quarter of a million pound jackpot.

Roop Singh, a storyteller from Leeds, picked up the massive sum on Wednesday’s edition of the Channel 4 hit show and almost became the first ever contestant to scoop half a million.

It was a tense game for the 54-year-old, who had boxes containing just £5, £100, £500 and £1,000 left going into his final round, alongside the big quarter of a million.

Leeds man wins £250,000 on TV show
Leeds man wins £250,000 on TV show

After refusing to deal when an offer of £46,000 was tabled, it was ultimately a flip of a coin, or a box lid, which sealed Roop’s fate and saw him become the shows seventh quarter-millionaire.

Speaking after the show, a thrilled Roop could not believe he had walked away with the money and explained how the ‘lucky box’ played its crucial role in the game.

“I’m over the moon, it hasn’t sunk in fully but I know it’s there and I’m just absolutely buzzing,” he said.

“I just felt energy [from box number two] from the beginning. It was so powerful and is hard to explain, it was like a spiritual energy and in my religion (Sikhism) the number two is about obedience.

“If you are obedient you will get to where you want to be so when it hit me, I really felt a powerful energy.”

Leeds man wins £250,000 on TV show
Leeds man wins £250,000 on TV show

He added: “Everybody’s love and energy was with me and I could just feel it and that is what guided me through.”

As just one of a handful of jackpot winners in the eight year-history of the show, Roop almost became the show’s first half-millionaire yet he refused to take advantage of the new ‘box 23’ option.

The special box has five possible outcomes, including a chance to double the cash or lose it all, yet by opting not to take the gamble he missed out on the ‘double your money’ option inside.

Since winning, Roop has bought presents for his family and friends and a bike for himself in order to cycle the coast of Britain. He also hopes to donate money to charities he supports.


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