A group of students from Bradford spent a few more hours in college than their classmates last week as they gave up their Saturday to help a local charity prepare hundreds of items to be shipped off to Syria.

Around 50 teenagers and a handful of staff members, from Carlton Bolling College headed back into their weekday habitat where they helped with the sorting and packing of tonnes of donated items.

Volunteering for the Keep Syria Warm project, launched by the Intouch Foundation in association with the Keighley-based Al Hikmah project and Dawah North, students spent more than two hours organising the goods before they were sent off to some of the world’s most vulnerable.

Items such as food, drink, medicine and clothes have all been donated since the scheme was launched, with three containers worth of goods already sent over to the war-ravished country.

Last Saturday’s contribution will help fill the fourth huge container as more than 120 boxes were needed to pack all of the donations.

Osman Gondal, Founder and board member of the Intouch Foundation, was delighted with the enthusiasm of the students and hopes that this was just one of many projects the college will be involved with in the near future.

“All these kids gave up their own time to help out with the Keep Syria Warm initiative and for that we are of course very thankful,” he said.

“The college got in touch with us because they wanted to get involved with the initiative and of course we were more than happy for them to do so.

“The students came in and sorted everything out and did a brilliant job. It took them approximately two and a half hours to complete and they did a phenomenal job.

“To see the children giving up their own time was great and the drive they had really motivated everybody involved.”

Hanif Khan, community and partnerships manager at Carlton Bolling College added his praise for the students and spoke of how the college became involved with the project.

He said: “It was actually a group of students who approached some members of staff in the week before the event asking if they could do something for Syria,” he explained.

“We have worked with Osman and the Intouch Foundation before and as they were currently involved with the Keep Syria Warm campaign it seemed the perfect thing for us to help with.

“On the Friday before the big pack, the Intouch team dropped off a huge range of goods from the Keighley Warehouse and our students and staff brought it inside to store for Saturday.

“On Saturday tens of students from all the years, as well as teachers and members of the local community came on down to help sort the vast amount of clothes which were then loaded into the van, ready to be sent off to Syria.”

He added: “To see our students involved in something like this was a very proud moment as when they came together, they gave 100 per cent.

“Not only were they giving up their own time but they were character building and learning all the day and that is really important.”