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Foodie Takeaway Leeds

With a huge range of restaurants on offer in Leeds, finding the perfect dish may take some searching, yet if it is a gourmet burger you most desire, look no further than Foodie.

Based on Roundhay Road, the eatery specialises in luxury halal burgers with a wide range of fillings available to ensure your meal is created to a restaurant quality, at a takeaway price.

Using a flame grilled technique; the meat is cooked with precision and care before being placed in a fresh bread bun and topped with locally sourced fresh ingredients for the ultimate taste sensation.

Don’t just take my word for it, thousands of diners have walked through the doors since opening eight months ago and with a high return rate, the food certainly speaks for itself. The restaurant even has a six star rating on restaurant comparison site, ‘Just Eat’.

If a gourmet burger isn’t what you desire, try a flame grilled halal chicken burger, cooked via the same unique method, or even a vegetarian bean burger, topped with delights such as melted cheddar, spicy jalapenos, chilli habanero jam, salad and mayo.

A wide range of pizzas are also available from your one-stop takeaway, including the newly launched Lamb Masala and BBQ Chicken, which can feed even the most fussiest of eaters.

For the more adventurous diners, why not opt for something off the new items menu, with delectable dishes such as a Bajan Fish Cutter, Chicken Melt Wrap and Lamb Masala Roti.

Specialist pizzas are also made from scratch within the kitchen, following a unique secret recipe to ensure Foodie brings a touch of Italy to Yorkshire.

Foodie Takeaway Leeds
Foodie Takeaway Leeds

Owners, Emran and Angela Lee, pride themselves on their food and insist there is nowhere quite like Foodie in the whole of the city.

“Everything here is sourced locally and made in-house to ensure only the freshest and tastiest meals are ever presented to our diners,” Mr Lee explains.

“From the burgers to the pizzas, and right down to the garlic butter for the ciabattas, we do it all ourselves.

“We pride ourselves on offering restaurant quality food in Leeds and thank all of our loyal customers who have helped establish us as a leader in the takeaway industry.

“We invite all foodies to come down and see for themselves why there is so much hype around our burgers and I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

Located on Roundhay Road, the eatery is just a stone’s throw from the city centre, open seven days a week from 12pm – 11pm whilst delivery is also available from 5pm every day.

202 Roundhay Road,
Leeds, LS8 5AA
Tel: 0113 240 6774
Mon-Sun 12pm-11pm


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