The artist Nafees continues to prove that he’s capable of stretching the imagination  whilst remaining true to his unique style.

His latest video ‘Sazaa’ unleashed at 8pm on Wednesday 3rd December and has a gripping theme. The video features his lady-love on the brink of death and the turmoil he faces as a lover.

The video, which has drawn its fans in the thousands also features Mumzy Stranger and his creamy smooth vocals, not to mention, your very own, Asian Express newspaper being read in the hospital waiting room!


I must admit that when I first heard of Nafees and his sounds, I was eager to see if he could maintain the stance he’d taken with his first track ‘Mehmaan’.

You see, being the Editor of the paper, I recieve all sorts   of ‘weird and wonderful’ material on a daily basis, so one gets accustomed to seeing artists ‘doing it big’ and then, unfortunately, trailing off.

This guy however, has the knack of delivering bigger, better and hotter material than ever before. It’s the very fortunate combination of Nafees’ inner talent and the gameplan of his management, which is highly admirable though.

Head of Nafees’ management, speaking exclusively to Asian Express, said: “We are driven to think out of the box.

“With ‘Sazaa’, the track was leaked a few weeks ago, before we got to officially launch it, and it just went viral.

“We’ve kept the video under lock and key prior to its releases because ultimately, our mission is to knock the socks off the fans. We love doing that.

“With Nafees’ latest track, we hope that both his fanbase and new listeners alike, can appreciate the potential of this artist and his dedicated passion of being honest to his music-lovers.”

Nafees, however remains ever-humble and says: “I’m just a normal guy who had the good fortune of turning his passion into his profession.”

Despite being a self-proclaimed ‘normal guy’, he certainly has the knack of a storyteller, and says that quite often he’s telling his very own stories through his music. His defining moment came by chance some six years ago.

His passion is one that resonates with many people in some way, and that is his burning desire to prove his worth to his family, to prove that he could achieve and make them proud.

Individuals find their own success and contentment with the things they do.  For many being a great mum could be it, for some it could be putting a roof over the heads of their family, for others it could be doing charity work. And for some it could be evoking strong emotions with a message of finding inner strength through music.


Nafees’s ‘Sazaa’ has spurred an Asian Express campaign.

The campaign entails getting the message across that you, the reader and fan of music artists, join in expressively advocating the importance legal downloading of music, in order to support your music artists.

Most of us wouldn’t think twice about paying for a single cup of ‘designer’ coffee, at around £3, yet we would hesitate to legally download a track for 79p and instead may go to great lengths to find another way of getting the tracks.

The fact is that with illegal downloading, it’s the artist who suffers in the end. If they don’t get the support of the fans, it makes it difficult for them to give you the music that you’d enjoy over and over and over again.