As the winter months draw in and the days and nights get ever colder, now is the time to take advantage of the amazing free boiler scheme offered by Basi Heating.

Keeping your home warm has never been so easy, as one of Yorkshire’s most reputable suppliers will deliver and install brand new, band A, Valliant boilers all free of charge.

More than 2,000 homes across the county have already opted in to Basi Heating’s scheme which was launched earlier this year by the government, in an attempt to bring warmth to low income households.

Labeled the ‘Eco initiative’, it also aims to reduce Britain’s energy usage with Basi Heating selected as the representatives for Yorkshire to undertake the installations.  This means that not only will your gas bills be slashed dramatically, but you will also be helping to cut the amount of harmful carbon emissions which are released into the environment.

Completely funded by Britain’s energy suppliers, there is no cost to homeowners or landlords and there are thousands of homes which can still qualify for this ‘nostrings attached’ deal.

If you answer yes to the following two questions, there is a good chance you qualify for the scheme: Are you receiving benefits or a state pension credit and have a household income of £15,860 or less? Is your current boiler more than seven-years-old?

Jaspal Singh, director of Basi, said the initiative is likely to last until 2015, yet there are no reasons why residents and landlords should not take advantage of the offer now. “With the festive holidays coming closer and closer, I urge residents to enquire about the free boiler scheme now to avoid being cold this winter,” he said.

“It is an offer which can benefit everybody, from children to the elderly, as it is vital that homes are kept warm inside, whilst temperatures outside continue to fall.”

Basi Heating are proud to offer a first class service to every home with fully trained staff available to not only fit the new boiler, but also remove the old one.

Mr Singh added: “The sooner people sign up to the initiative, the sooner they begin saving, it really is as simple as that. Thousands of happy customers have already received their boilers and I hope thousands more will come forward soon.”

To find out more about the free boiler offer call the Basi team on 0800 980 6018 or visit

Basi Gas Heating
Basi Gas Heating