13 people died over a three day period in Pakistan’s most populous city, whereby targeted shootings resulted in the death of five suspected Taliban activists.

Five shootings were recorded in less than an hour on Tuesday 3rd December in Karachi, whilst eight more are believed to have commenced up until Thursday. Among those killed are two Moroccan students, at a religious seminar, and a Shia scholar, with the attacks believed to be a retaliation.

A senior police official told reporters, on condition of anonymity, that the killed included two people who had links with militant outfits and used to raise funds for them in the city.

“One of them is Mushtaq Samand who was well-known for raising funds for Jihadi outfits and even contested the recent provincial assembly elections as an independent candidate,” he said.

RIOT: Karachi has long been a hub of civil dispute with sectarian unrest
RIOT: Karachi has long been a hub of civil dispute with sectarian unrest

“All three belonged to Tableegi Jamaat,” an official said. The city remained tense with many roads and markets closed after the killing of leading Shia scholar, and leader of the Wahidat ul Muslameen, Allama Deedar Ali. Deedar Ali and his driver were shot dead earlier in the day in Gulshan-e-Jauhar area.

“The killing of Allama Deedar appears to be a sectarian-related one and in retaliation to the target killing of a leading Deobandi Sunni scholar on Monday in the city,” SSP Imran Shaukat said.

As news of Deedar’s killing spread in the city, violence and firing incidents were reported from many areas with most of the Shia-dominated areas shut down while many other markets and shops also closed down out of fear.

Attacks were also reported from Landhi, Itted town and Korangi where three people were killed.