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Enthusiasm and dedication takes you a long way, proven by Dean Stratton the manager of the White Rose Shopping Centre.

ROLE-MODEL: White Rose Shopping Centre manager, Dean Stratton, paid a visit to the Hamara Centre

ROLE-MODEL: White Rose Shopping Centre manager, Dean Stratton, paid a visit to the Hamara Centre

Born and bred in Lincolnshire, Dean started his first job at only 16, working at Tesco part time. He studied a BA Hons in Business studies which built the foundations for his future role. On completion of University he gained a job at Debenhams as a Human resources officer and worked his way up to Operations Manager. He loved his job role and he particularly liked the organisation aspect of his role.

Now at the age of only 34, Dean has been managing the White Rose centre for over a year. His job role consists of managing the security, customer services and cleaning teams, and ensuring all shops are let. The White Rose Shopping Centre is one of the most successful shopping centres in the UK. It has over 13 million visitors each year and was the first shopping centre built in Yorkshire; therefore it was named after the county.

Dean started his session by sharing his stories with the young people. He recalled not being as ‘clever’ as his brother but having to work extremely hard to get to where he is now. The message he conveyed to young people was, ‘always be enthusiastic don’t try to be too cool and if you’re looking to work in the retail sector then, employers in the retail sector want energetic and enthusiastic people to work for them’.

As part of the session Dean prepared an activity to get the young people in the mood.  If they got most of the answers right they would win a gift card to use at the White Rose. The activity was a group based activity where the young people had to work out a shop name from a photo or part of the shop sign. This helped the young people and proved that team work activities bring the best out of everyone.

All the youngsters got the answers right and won a gift card each. Dean was extremely proud and said:

“From what I have seen today I would employ all of you. Your enthusiasm and energy makes you all really desirable to retailers. Enthusiasm is a key point all employers look for so don’t try to be too cool at an interview. Show your enthusiasm and it will get you far.”

Dean then shared his feelings about his job, adding:

“I am really lucky as I enjoy my job, I like to organise things, and these kinds of jobs fit my nature.”

He then told the young people about his previous job as a Human resources officer explaining it was something he really enjoyed and would happily do it again.

He echoed one of message through out, “I have to work really hard. I wish I was really clever as it would have been easy, but I am not and that is why I have to work hard,” he said.

“I would have never thought I would have been a shopping centre manager. It wasn’t until I did the job that I saw myself as wanting to continue doing it. I always saw myself as being a Human resources officer. When I picked my subjects for A-levels I picked them so that they would allow me to become a human resources manager.”

Dean left the session with a strong statement that got the youngsters thinking:

“The biggest challenge I faced when I was young was confidence, I wasn’t very confident, and I lacked enthusiasm, I had to work really hard to be enthusiastic.”

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