The Curve

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ARCHITECTS: (l-r) Lucy Allan, Keith Taggart, Amir Hussain

ARCHITECTS: (l-r) Lucy Allan, Keith Taggart, Amir Hussain

One of Bradford’s original Victorian buildings is set to be brought into the 21st century as the Manningham Baths is given a new lease of life.

Built more than a century ago in the heart of Bradford, the building catered for the local community as a leisure facility and now, one hundred years later, the site is set to become a gym.

CONSTRUCTION: Before and after shots of the design for The Curve

CONSTRUCTION: Before and after shots of the design for The Curve

The Curve will open its doors to the women of Bradford in the New Year as it aims to provide first class gym facilities to local residents. As a protected building, the site has been specially reconstructed with the approval of conservationists and Bradford council to ensure the original fitting are all left in place yet with a modern twist.

Upon completion the building will provide an array of services. A reception, beauty room, hairdressers, spa, gym, sauna, steam room, changing facilities, café and meditation room are all planned to be launched to offer a one-stop shop for members.

Yaseen Mohammed is the consultant to the owner of the site and explained how the whole initiative came about. He said:

“Our client initially purchased the site at auction after the council were forced to sell because of budget cuts.

“We wanted to build something which would benefit the people of Bradford and my client has always wanted to open up a leisure facility. After much discussions with the council, conservationists and the local public, it was decided that the space would be best used as a ladiy’s gym.

“It will act as a safe place for women to work out and socialize in one of the many additional units.

“Health is a major issue in every society and something which the government aims to tackle at every level so we hope by opening these facilities that we can do our part to tackle the problem.”

DESIGN: An artists impression

DESIGN: An artists impression

Designs for the building began approximately one year ago with actual construction starting within the last six months.

A team of architects were brought in to ensure the site was utilised to its full potential whilst in-keeping with the original designs and décor.

Amir Hussain, of Yeme Architects, was one of the team tasked with developing the original baths into a state-of-the-art facility and told how      

He explained:

“We were told by conservationists that there was two things that had to be guaranteed. One, that everything that was new looked so, and two, that everything that was old it had to be retained and remain legible.

“We have built this development inside the Baths without disrupting the original feel for the site.

“Everything has been designed in a way that if you wanted to take it out, you could still turn it back into a pool. We have kept the original floor edges of the pool and built new walls inside and also built up this mezzanine floor to ensure all the space is used.”

The Curve will open in the New Year and is located on Carlisle Road, Manningham.



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