Dj Surinder Rattan taking the Indian film industry by storm

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surinder rattanOne can only admire how much this talented pioneer in the UK Asian Music Industry and entrepreneur has achieved over the past few years.

Hailing from the streets of Manchester, a key figure in the music industry DJ Surinder Rattan first came to the attention when he released ‘The Lick’ and delivered the pioneering track 'Tappe', then ‘Kala Kala Munda’.

He’s also played a key role in launching many artists such as Metz n Trix, Joga , Roach Killla and Garry Sandhu.

Surinder is one of the most inspiring and influential Brit Asian music producers receiving numerous accolades and awards. The guy’s no novice wannabe – he’s had semi-classical training from Ustads ‘Babbar & Javed Niazi Khan’ (sons of Ustad Tufail Niazi Khan - folk legends from Pakistan) and has a production history that spans several music genres. Also Surinder has previously hit the club mainstream charts with OMG at No1 Spot!!

2013 has defiantly been the year for Dj Surinder Rattan working with Gippy Grewal. The release of ‘ Love Ho Gaya’ from Gippy Grewal’s forthcoming movie and Akshay Kumar’s home production ‘Bhaji In Problem’, set for worldwide release on 15th November 2013, has seen the talented UK music producer take the Indian film industry by storm with his fresh versatile and unique music production skills.

While crossing t’s and dotting i’s on his forth coming ventures, Surinder stays steady in his studio working on his next film releases, 2014 will see Surinder pencilling in sound tracks for 2014. Watch this space.....

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