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One man’s passion for property developing has blossomed into a five-star, luxury resort, in the picturesque city of Mirpur.

Sabar Din has always dreamt of opening an accommodation complex in the heart of one of Azad Kashmir’s most popular cities and now, following the official opening of The Ritzz Inn last month, the entrepreneur’s dream has finally come true.

Described as a ‘home from home’, the seven guest houses on site are the perfect place for families, businessmen, and tourists to relax whilst visiting Mirpur.

Every property has two double and one single bedroom, a television lounge room, kitchen and of course a spacious balcony. With temperatures often exceeding 40 degrees in the South Asian city, tenants can opt to relax on their own private terrace or take advantage of the breezy air conditioning and escape the heat indoors.

Power shortages, which affect many parts of the country, won’t disrupt Ritzz Inn residents, with every room benefiting from back-up onsite generators which guarantees electricity continues to run through the homes. Wi-Fi is available in every room, free of charge,

Meanwhile, privacy and safety is at the forefront of the Ritzz Inn’s mantra. Secure driveways and parking facilities with metal gates, CCTV and security guards are all found on the premises to assure guests that valuables can be left in a safe environment.

Speaking following the official opening of the complex in October, Mr Sabar Din said: “We welcome everybody to come and visit our fantastic facilities which will cater for your every need.

“It really is like your own home, except with the added benefit of onsite chefs, receptionists and cleaners who will take care of the tasks you perhaps don’t want to.

“We are found in a perfect location for families and friends who are visiting for weddings and special occasions, as our spacious apartments have the ability to cater for large gatherings. We also allow for visitors to stop by meaning our customers don’t have to travel anywhere to meet up with their families, friends or business affiliates.”

The seven apartments are a mere five minute walk from the Mirpur’s main city centre area, whilst tourist hotspot, Mangla, is just eight miles away.

All prices are at a competitive rate, with further discounts available for extended stays, and book now to save an extra 10% in celebration of the complex’s grand opening.

With unbeatable prices and facilities for all, why not book with the Ritzz Inn today for a trip you will never forget.