Sensational ‘Seven Star’ experience in Birmingham

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While there’s no shortage of ‘Taj Mahal’ and ‘Curry Palace’ restaurants in Britain, which don’t even come close to emulating the magnificence and grandeur of their namesake, a brand new eatery has taken the South-Asian restaurants to a completely different level.

Tipu Sultan. An odd choice of name for a restaurant one may muse, however, the new grand 600-seater restaurant which opened in Mosely, Birmingham last week, has been the talk of the town.

The awe-inspiring luxurious halal establishment, located in Alcester Road, Moseley, emerged through the vision of the owners to create a landmark UK restaurant that gave a truly majestic dining experience in a way that has never been attempted before.

And boy, have they cracked it! Drawing inspiration from Tipu Sultan, an 18th century ruler, warrior and scholar, and combining his legacy with the history of South Asia, the owners have created a sensational restaurant resplendent in the opulent style of his palace.

The history of the building also bears great significance. The investors bought ‘The Jug of Ale’ pub five years ago which had been the central point for Indie bands in the area. The likes of Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene and The Verve all performed at ‘The Jug of Ale’ on their way to super-stardom.

Taking three years to conceptualise, and led by its’ key partner, who clearly has a great eye for detail, and with his substantial experience in the food industry, foodies have been given a site that exudes a ‘wow factor’ from both the interior and exterior of the building.

With materials sourced from Dubai and Pakistan, vast ornate walnut wood-carvings and panels set the ambience; walls decked with intricate hand-crafted metal repousse work and the stunning crystal chandeliers will have your jaw on the floor. Private booths, marble tiling, mirrored walls, covings and carvings, paintings, silks, velvets and fine luxurious details ensure the entire restaurant oozes with regal grandeur.

The entire structure and interior replicates a very ‘Moghul-like feel’ and is so eclectic that diners can expect a range of views no matter where they choose to sit. Each section of the restaurant has its own unique theme designed to such intricate detail that it is, as seamless as it is diverse, all at the same time all whilst lavished with fresh orchids, plants and greenery to soften each area creating a sumptuous atmosphere.

The two-floor restaurant incorporates an impressive banqueting floor, function room, conference room and a separate prayer room.

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The opulence of the Tipu Sultan restaurant carries through to even the washrooms. A trip to the conveniences has to be made if only to take in the ultimately grand features - beautifully carved solid wood doors, wall -to- wall mirrors, a dressing table and the most striking 6ft-tall statues decorating the corners of the room. A definite ‘take-a-pic’ opportunity for the girlies!

With alcohol totally off-limits on the premises, families can dine in the resplendent surroundings with the offerings from an extensive mouth-watering halal menu.Dishes are served up by a team of twelve highly-skilled chefs from India, Nepal and Pakistan. The vast range of authentic dishes, many of them specialities from across India and Pakistan, and in particular the Punjab, leaves the diner truly spoilt for choice. The desert menu includes a wide range of desi yummies, cakes and Moven Pick ice-creams.

Brand PR Manager, Harpreet Kaur, commented: “The opulence and grandeur of Tipu Sultan is no less than any seven star establishment typically found in major cities like Mumbai and Dubai.

“We wanted to ensure that every diner who enters the building should feel the energy of a seven star restaurant, experiencing a wow factor about everything around them.

“Our aim has been to deliver magnificent surroundings eminent of a palace and dripping with such splendour so as to leave our guests mesmerised.

“Our vision is that Tipu Sultan becomes the landmark restaurant in Birmingham and the UK not only for its opulence but also for the great food it has on offer. There are plans around developing food concepts such as Tipu Sultan across the country.

Ganesh Kamble, Restaurant Manager, comments: “ We are all excited about the restaurant, we have a great team here at Tipu Sultan awaiting to greet our guests. We hope that our visitors will enjoy all aspects of our restaurant from the ambience, food and the service,. We have recruited our service staff locally creating 30 new jobs. We have also taken on young apprentices and school leavers who wish to persue a career in catering and restaurant management. These are the future for our business.

Partner, Khalid Hussain, goes on to say: “I am extremely proud of this venture and achievement and pleased now that we are finally open and ready for our long waiting customers. It has not been all plain sailing for this project. It has been hit with delays mainly from poor weather conditions last year and earlier this year which meant we could not get on with the external decor and landscaping. The project also went over budget as we wanted to create something unique and outstanding for Birmingham.”


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