Jail for Birmingham Airport’s Smuggling pair

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AIRPORT: Imtiaz Ahmed and Ghulam Sarwar worked at Birmingham Airport.

AIRPORT: Imtiaz Ahmed and Ghulam Sarwar worked at Birmingham Airport.

Two security workers at Birmingham Airport have been jailed for helping illegal immigrants pass through border control.

Imtiaz Ahmed and Ghulam Sarwar, both former employees of private contractor ICTS, allowed passengers with forged passports from India, on to flights to Canada.

The pair was sentenced to seven years in prison with 45- year-old Mr Sarwar receiving a three-year sentence, and Ms Ahmed, 45, receiving four years.

Birmingham Crown Court heard how the process would begin with one person, carrying a genuine passport, checking in on a flight, before passing their boarding card to someone holding a fake passport with the same name.

The holder of the fake passport would then pass through airport security, with the aid of Ahmed and Sarwar.

The National Crime Agency said the UK passport holder would be paid between £200 and £300 for their part in the scheme.

Richard Warner, National Crime Agency Birmingham branch commander, said:

"All the offences committed by these individuals were serious, but the roles played by the corrupt airline contractors were key to the conspiracy.

“In bringing them to justice we have dismantled an organised crime network responsible for serious attempts to circumvent airport and airline procedures and smuggle people across international borders.”


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